November 6, 2012
Businessman still traumatized after being robbed at gunpoint

Two masked gunmen robbed businessman Bradley Medica at his Golden Vale home on Friday, six weeks after his dogs were poisoned.{{more}}

The Medix Pharmacy owner, who did not want his photo taken, told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that he was still traumatized after the ordeal.

“There’s nothing you can do about it now, but it’s an awful situation,” he said.

He said that after exiting his jeep, his wife entered the house to turn on the lights, while his nephew closed the gate in the yard.

Medica returned to the doorway to wait for his nephew.

“I was by the door stand up waiting on him and I just see a man move from behind the outdoor steps and grabbed him and had a gun pointing at me,” Medica recounted.

“I realized that I couldn’t do anything from that distance. So I waiting until he came closer — he (the robber) pushed my nephew right up to me.”

Medica said he then tried to wrestle with the individual to take the gun away.

“He shouts out and told me, ‘Don’t wrestle! Don’t wrestle! Keep cool!’… So I just relaxed. But by the time I relaxed a little, I saw another man appearing with another gun in his hand too,” Medica said.

Mrs Medica was going up the stairs towards the bedroom when the other gunman appeared.

The masked assailant pulled her down the steps.

The attackers held the family hostage in a storeroom in the house while they searched.

“They told us to lie down, but I wasn’t going down. So, I was there trying to talk them out of it. I said ‘Man we don’t have any money. We are poor people and we don’t have any money at home. Why do you all have to do this?’

“… After I keep talking one told the other who was standing over me to shoot me. But he didn’t shoot me. He burst me head with the side of the gun instead.

“He hit me once and he didn’t see any blood and then he hit me again and still no blood and the third time he hit me blood started spouting,” Medica said.

The family was then pushed to the ground and tied up. Then one of the two attackers searched the top floor of the house, where the bedrooms are located.

Medica revealed that the thieves searched all the other rooms but the master’s bedroom was locked.

He, however, handed them the keys.

“Then he asked me, ‘Which one of these keys belongs to the vault?’

“I said, man we don’t have no vault.”

The attacker went upstairs then came back and pulled his wife to go and open the door.

“I guess she opened the draw that she had a little money in. Then he bring she back downstairs and he told the other one, ‘Come ley we go. Ah get what ah want.’

Medica said his wallet, which contained $10 and his identification and credit cards, was also taken.

Medica said his dogs had been poisoned six weeks ago, and he had suspected someone may have been targeting his home.

He disclosed that he had ordered a security system that included cameras, but the equipment has yet to arrive.

“It’s a real sad situation with what’s happening in this place with these robberies and the young people who don’t want to seek employment,” he added.

During the robbery, one of the masked men said “Alyo just have all the money and don’t want to sponsor nobody!”

“I am a poor country man who come town to try earning a living and the amount of bills I have. These people think money comes just so,” Medica said.

Medica received a wound to the left side of his head while one of his wife’s wrists is still swollen from the way the robber grabbed her.

The matter was reported the police and investigations are ongoing. (AA)