Taiwan scholarship awardees urged to use money as intended
October 26, 2012
Taiwan scholarship awardees urged to use money as intended

Recipients of Taiwanese scholarships presented last week, have been advised to use the scholarship money for the purpose intended.{{more}}

Deputy prime minister and education minister Girlyn Miguel told the recipients at the presentation ceremony at the Peace Memorial Hall on October 18, that education remains that critical element which will allow Vincentians to gain employable skills, which are competitive in this changing globalized world.

“Students, with the kind of support offered to you through this scholarship programme, it is extremely important that you are motivated to learn and that you acquire a variety of skills…,” Miguel advised.

A total of US $100,000 was donated by the Republic of China on Taiwan to students at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

187 primary, 129 secondary and 65 post secondary students received awards.

Each primary school student received $400, while the secondary and post secondary students received $1,000 each.

In expressing gratitude to the government of Republic of China on Taiwan for their continued support of the initiative, Miguel gave the assurance that the recipients, like those before them, are grateful and will continue to work hard in their educational development.

“Your tangible contributions are enhancing the capacity of our education sector, while at the same time facilitating the creation of a stronger and more vibrant society,” she said.

Taiwan’s Ambassador to St Vincent and the Grenadines Weber Shih, in his address, said his government remains committed to the scholarship initiative.

“I am so proud to say that the Taiwan scholarship has been a very successful one. It has provided assistance to the students in need, so they can complete their education and in return make a contribution to the country.”

Ambassador Shih also made the point that every child has a right to an education and no child should be left behind, just because of poverty.

“For the schorlarship recipients today, I want to say, where there is a will, there is a way. I am urging you to study hard and keep up the good work.

“I also want to say that people are getting rich by giving and I’m encouraging you to extend a helping hand to the people in need in the future,” Ambassador Shih said. (AA)