Learn your tables,  advises education minister
October 26, 2012
Learn your tables, advises education minister

Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel has encouraged students to pay more attention to learning their tables, in order to achieve better grades in mathematics.{{more}}

In the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (CSEC) May/June 2012 examinations, only 27.9 per cent of the students in St Vincent and the Grenadines who wrote math obtained a passing grade.

This pass rate is a slight improvement over 2011, when 26.9 per cent of the students passed, but is down from 2010, when 35.7 per cent were successful.

Speaking at last Friday’s presentation of Taiwan scholarships at the Peace Memorial Hall, Miguel stated that too many students are failing mathematics and it’s not because they don’t have good teachers.

“…But students, you have to do your part. And I want you to believe me and I am saying this to you because I care,” the education minister said.

“We are having some problems. We are finding that some of our students are not learning their tables.

“Learn your tables!

“If you learn your tables, you will be able to do your math. Learn them!

“Take the book and go aside, away from the television and find some cool spot. Make sure you learn them. You need your mathematics throughout life, students,” the minister implored.

Miguel, who is a former schoolteacher and head teacher advised students to ask their teachers for help when they are given mathematics homework and don’t understand.

Parents were also asked to give assistance, where necessary, towards the advancement of their children in the classrooms.

Miguel encouraged parents to visit the schools and talk to teachers to find out how their children are progressing and which subject areas they need to improve on.

“We are good people. Talk to us please, parents.

“We know that sometimes, you yourself are not able to help your children, but that’s why we are here. Please come; please work with your PTA. I know that some of our principals, we can organise classes. Our school doors are open at the end of each day. There are classes for adults.

“I have heard testimonies of persons who could not write. They could not read. They are testifying now of the goodness of joining an adult education class.

“Please parents I am exhorting you, I am begging you. Help your children to do better at the end of the next school year. If you cannot do it yourself, ask for that help,” Miguel added.

The minister also made the point that sometimes people will refer to students who do not perform well in their academics as “dunce”.

She, however, advised students to ignore the negative statements.

“Our Heavenly Father, he has given all of us blessings. We do not all have the same number of blessings, but if you are good at the math, go for it boys and girls. Do the math well.

“If you are good at English language, do it well… Don’t let anybody tell you who is brighter than who and who you are brighter than. No!

“Where ever you have your blessing and you can do your work well, please do it well. No matter what anybody else says. Never look down on yourself. Always believe in yourself,” Miguel said. (AA)