Invest SVG continues its business registration drive
October 26, 2012
Invest SVG continues its business registration drive

With export development now a major part of its mandate, the nation’s investment promotions agency, Invest SVG, continues to urge local businesses to take advantage of its free business registration.{{more}}

On October 17, the agency hosted a business registration drive as a part of the EPA- Economic Partnership Agreement- Implementation Unit’s exhibition, held under the Singer gallery.

The drive, according to the agency’s Communications Officer Tedra Kirby, is one of the many ways of publicising the agency’s lesser known services. In a release from the agency, Kirby stated “Promoting St Vincent and the Grenadines as an investment haven also includes promoting our Vincentian products and services, products and services that possess high export potential that can attract possible investors. However, for the agency to better assist, we must first become acquainted with the businesses and registering with Invest SVG does exactly that. By creating a profile with us, we know who you are, we become familiar with the nature of your business and your needs, and we are able to better assist.”

She further commented that when registered with the agency, businesses receive early notifications through its mailing list on grant-funding assistance, trade shows, and scholarship and training opportunities.

The agency recently facilitated the presence of several local companies at trade shows in Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

Invest SVG also assists individuals with the writing of proposals. Vincentian businesses have benefited from this service in the past, with one business being awarded a reimbursable grant of 30,000 euros from the Caribbean Export Development Agency this month.