Head of Vincentian student group calls for solidarity
October 26, 2012
Head of Vincentian student group calls for solidarity

The members of the Vincentian Student Association (VINSA) at the University of the West Indies, (UWI) Cave Hill campus have been called upon to show their solidarity at events to commemorate Independence.{{more}}

This call for camaraderie was sounded by VINSA president Bishon Williams earlier this month, at the campus grounds, as the organization launched its week of activities which runs from October 21 to 27.

Williams noted that although this year’s theme is “Embracing our culture and strengthening our union, VINSA Cave Hill progresses hand in hand”, the sub-theme to commemorate the week of independence was “Every pan knock – We deh deh.”

He explained that the colloquial sub-theme – “every pan knock” – spoke of the activities in which Vincentians willingly partake and of how the Vincentians presence is often felt.

He elaborated: “Academic scholarship – we deh deh, Rhode scholar award – we deh deh, extra-curricular activities – we deh deh… Let us interpret this chant with the best of meaning and use this opportunity to strengthen the bigger picture, in the simplest of context, ‘every pan knock – we deh deh’ because none of VINSA activities will miss us come October 21 to 27 2012.”

The leader stated that despite financial challenges, geographic restrictions and mild communication constraints amongst other things, the VINSA Cave Hill Executive 2012-2013 have organized events that would make students from various faculties feel included. He thanked various businesses, organizations and persons who have made contributions to the organization, which he pointed out caters to the wellbeing of students away from their homeland.

Williams noted that VINSA looks after the social, economic, emotional, academic and spiritual welfare of students and encouraged Vincentian learners to become full members, to contribute to making the association and its functions a success.

As he called upon the student populace to embrace their culture and strengthen the union, he also emphasized that there was strength in solidarity.

He continued: “Let our voice be heard! Become a full member and proudly chant the theme for this year’s week of activities: ‘Every pan knock’ – we dey dey.’ Remember the true meaning of this theme: ‘Every pan knock’ meaning all activities, be it extracurricular or academic and ‘we dey dey’ meaning our presence will be felt, not only by a show of hands or marking of a register, but by our achievements. Be a true Vincentian, and continue to support other island associations and clubs as well; our love for people is never ending. Make the best of your university experience.”

The week commenced with a church service and sports day on Sunday 21. Monday 22 was the Expo Day and T-Shirts Sale Day.

On Tuesday, a Mock Nine Mornings was held at night; on Wednesday 24, there was the Food Day and the annual keynote lecture was delivered by Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Forestry and Fisheries Saboto Caesar.

A Production Night, with a theatrical performance from Methodist Dramatists, was held yesterday, Thursday, while a Union Social will kick off today, Friday, and the Wet Fete for party-goers tomorrow.