October 26, 2012
Brewery launches ‘Kola Champagne’ drink

The St Vincent Brewery Ltd added a new bottled soft drink to its product portfolio on Tuesday.{{more}}

Hairoun Kola Champagne is now available at all wholesale and retail outlets, as well as from any St Vincent Brewery distribution truck, a release from the brewery said.

This beverage is bottled and brewed at the St Vincent Brewery Ltd and sold in a 280 ml bottle.

Regional commercial manager at the St Vincent Brewery Shafia London expressed her confidence about the centry of this newly bottled product on the market.

“Kola Champagne ‘post mix’ has always been one of the St Vincent Brewery’s best soft drink sellers. It has, and still is, in constant demand by our customers, so we have decided to make the Kola Champagne available in a bottle, thus making it more readily available to more persons.”

Hairoun Kola Champagne, a delicious fizzy drink, is made from natural Kola nut concentrate. It joins the wide array of other Brewery soft drinks such as Mauby, Bitter Lemon, Fruit Cocktail and Soda Water, the release said.