October 16, 2012
Online magazine featuring Vincentian fashion, entertainment, lifestyle to be launched next week

An online magazine focusing on fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) will be launched here next week by New Marketing Concepts SVG.{{more}}

The monthly magazine, “VINCY”, will be available free at

The primary objective of the magazine is to aid in the promotion of local talent and culture in SVG, a release said.

It will also feature cultural exposés, interviews with local talents, talent showcase, event reviews and updates, fashion advice and general advice.

Its publishers also aim to create awareness of various issues in SVG.

The CARICOM Youth Ambassador of SVG, as well as Voice of Youths have both indicated interest in using the magazine to highlight various issues within the country, the release said.

It further stated that the magazine has received tremendous support by the design community and by fashion and entertainment lovers throughout the country.

Persons 16 to 45 seem most enthused about the first issue and the prospect of the magazine.

The launch issue of the magazine will have an independence theme.