Campbell speaks out against non-supporters of int’l airport
October 16, 2012
Campbell speaks out against non-supporters of int’l airport

Prominent lawyer Parnell Campbell, QC has spoken out against Vincentians who publicly express negative comments about the construction of the Argyle international airport.{{more}}

“How on earth in 2012 any Vincentian can still be negatively disposed towards an international airport is something which, I, in my ignorance, do not understand,” Campbell, a former minister of government under the New Democratic Party (NDP) said.

“I put it down to ignorance, I simply don’t know,” Campbell said while addressing the gathering at the Cuban Embassy activity for the commemoration of the beginning of the Cuban Independence Wars on Wednesday.

The former attorney general said he needed to further educate himself as to how any “sensible self respecting person who cares for this country can look at a project such as the Argyle international airport and wish for it to fail.

“I still hear people telling me that they are sure that the airport will never open,” he said.

He, mentioned a recent television programme giving an update on the airport.

“… I could see with my eyes that the terminal building is well on the way,” Campbell said.

“And there is nothing like a physical building to let people know that something is happening,” he said.

Campbell said it is one thing to talk about projects and to have the engineering drawings and models on a desk, but it’s a different situation to see concrete and steel spouting from the earth into the sky.

“So, I want to join in thanking the government and people of Cuba, of Venezuela, of Taiwan, of Mexico and all the other countries which have joined the coalition of the willing to give us an international airport which will make such a difference to our growth and envelopment as a country.”

Campbell’s comments were followed by an uproar of applause from a number of persons, including past and present ministers from both the Unity Labour Party and the NDP.

Earthworks on the $652 million project began on August 13, 2008 and is scheduled to be completed by September 2013.

The airport is expected to become operational in early 2014. (AA)