Placard bearers support embattled politician
September 28, 2012
Placard bearers support embattled politician

As Burton Williams, a fomer health minister and opposition New Democratic Party candidate in the 2010 general elections,{{more}} pleaded his case in court on Tuesday, a few supporters stood outside with placards stating his innocence.

As they stood in the blazing sun peacefully protesting, the individuals displayed placards with statements such as “Free Burton now!”, “Not guilty we say” and “Leave Burton alone”.

Williams, who unsuccessfully contested the South Windward seat for the NDP in the December 13, 2010 is charged with, that within the precincts of the House of Assembly he behaved in a manner in which a breach of peace was likely to be occasioned contrary to section 15 of the Public Order Act, Chapter 396.

He is also accused of attempting to damage property.

“He is not guilty, but they say he guilty of pushing down barricade,” said a supporter, who identified herself as Yvonne Garraway.

Garraway was accompanied by five other protesters who say they live in New Prospect (Simon) in the South Windward constituency. She said they will be standing outside the court whenever the case is being heard.

“We will be right here every time supporting our Burton. He is not guilty. Who they need to carry court and then send round jail they not doing that, but they want to jail an innocent man…” added another protester who asked for anonymity.(AA)