September 14, 2012
Diamond Government School library to be officially opened next week

The Diamond Government School will officially open its library next week, after one year of work.{{more}}

The Library Project was launched at the start of the 2011-2012 school year by a committee of parents, teachers, and administrators. The main focus of the first year was the restoration of the library space and the acquisition of new books for the library.

A release from the school said the committee solicited assistance for the project from persons abroad, local businesses and government officials, and international non-profit organisations.

“After the first year, the school raised over EC$11,000 towards books and furniture and repairs. Our library space had been converted with a new yellow and blue paint job, three new bookshelves, and furniture for a class to visit the library. This has been made possible not only from donors, but also community volunteers, who have donated their weekends and evenings to painting and repairing the space. Our collection of 1,860 children’s books were electronically catalogued in a new system that allows every child to read books at their own level.

“The project has evoked pride in the school community, with families raising over EC$2,200.00 in the Sponsored Walk and Lime to the Rabacca Dry River. The project has also seen parents and community members donate their time and energy to making library cards and pockets and helping to clean and organize the space,” the release said.

“As we near the completion of the first year of the library committee and project, we are ready to re-open our doors to our students and community. Our library space has been transformed and we look forward to offering a variety of reading activities and literacy programmes that promote a love of reading, writing, and learning in our students. We are also looking to our next phase in the refurbishment of the library – more books for our students and community members, comfy library space, computer corner, and more general repairs and refurbishing. Our school continues to make this project a priority and is excited to put our library to use!”

The opening ceremony will be held at the Diamond Government School library on September 20 at 9:30 a.m.