September 14, 2012
Agriculture officials to update farmers/stakeholders on programs implemented by Ministry

Farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector will be given an update next week on a number of programs being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture as part of efforts at rehabilitating the banana industry and other areas of investment.{{more}}

On Monday, Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar will journey to the north windward side of the country, up to the Rabacca Farms where he will visit a number of rehabilitated banana fields and give an update on the current programs in progress.

The Minister, accompanied by newly appointed Permanent Secretary Raymond Ryan, Chief Agricultural Officer Reuben Robertson and other officials, will speak on the progress made so far and the way forward for several programmes, including the Banana Cut Back and Plant Back Operations; the Black Sigatoka and Moko Diseases Control and Management Programs; the Banana Replanting Policy Guidelines – Replanting of Fields with new plants being distributed; and Farm Management, with respect to the importance of maintaining recommended field practices such as deleafing and sanitation.