St Mary’s RC School gets new classrooms
September 4, 2012
St Mary’s RC School gets new classrooms

Teachers and students of the grade four and kindergarten classes of the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School were in high spirits yesterday, after returning from their summer vacation to be greeted by new classrooms.{{more}}

The new classrooms came after 30 years of planning, Acting Principal Eula Johnney told SEARCHLIGHT on Monday.

Johnney took over as Acting Principal, following the departure of Sister Ivy Pacheco who is on pre-retirement leave, after serving twenty years at the helm.

The Acting Principal described the completion of the new classrooms as an “awesome task”.

She further noted that constructing the new section of the school was one of Sister Ivy’s greatest desires and she (Johnney) is proud to be a part of a “dream that came through”.

“She (Sister Ivy) wanted to have more space for children, because each year, she had to say no to a number of children and because of the limited space, were not able to have an acceptance here.

“This new wing will accommodate more children, so I feel a sense of accomplishment because her dream has come through and we can accept more children in the school,” she added.

Johnney also explained that construction was done through “hand in hand” collaboration and contributions from some local business owners, as well the Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Contributions of building materials and other meaningful support came from Gibson Construction, the National Lotteries Authority, Caribbean Metals, businessman Leroy “Fly” Edwards and “a number of parents also contributed their time,” the acting principal said.

Students were also encouraged to use the new facility, but told not to abuse it.

“They have to try to maintain it, because if they don’t, then it wouldn’t last and it would be more expense to keep up,” Johnney further stated.

Upon returning to school and encountering a new and more spacious classroom, grade four teacher Deslyn Dember-Williams said she was “overjoyed”.

“The building we were in before was very cramped and overcrowded, so we are very excited that we can be in our own space and have our own individual classrooms,” Williams said.

Grade Four pupils Ajani Hinds and Neesha Beache, speaking on behalf of their peers, said they are both excited and are looking forward to enjoying the new school term in their new class.

Because of the cramped conditions at the school, in 1995, businessman OT Mayers offered part of his nearby commercial building for use by the school. Three grade six classes were housed there until last term, when the school handed the space back to Mayers.

Not wanting to comment too much, owner of the building OT Mayers told SEARCHLIGHT that he was “glad” the school had acquired the new space and wished them all the best. (AA)