August 31, 2012
SVG CARICOM Youth Ambassador attends Commonwealth Conference

CARICOM Youth Ambassador for St Vincent and the Grenadines Tamira Browne was a featured speaker at a Commonwealth conference earlier this week.{{more}}

Browne spoke on the application of the G20 Principles for Financial Inclusion in St Vincent and the Grenadines at the Commonwealth Conference on Financial Inclusion and Literacy (FL/L) – Caribbean Region, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday in Trinidad and Tobago.

Browne was one of 100 stakeholder interests who were invited to represent Ministries of Youth and Education; banks, insurance companies, co-operative societies and micro credit agencies and their affiliate associations; partners involved in social development and economic participation representing academia, civil society, youth and education, as well as bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies.

The aim of this conference was to share some of the successful outcomes of the Commonwealth Financial Literacy model, and to explore ways of enhancing work already being conducted throughout the Caribbean region.

The space was created for stakeholder groups to engage in discussions on the development, enhancement and implementation of programmes in Finance Inclusion/Literacy, specific to the needs of dedicated populations, including youth; to mobilise commitment and partnerships for the support and expansion of such programmes; and to develop strategies for the way forward taking into account the input of stakeholders from the financial sector.