August 31, 2012
Digicel comes to aid of Rillan Hill family

A family of Rillan Hill is singing praises to Digicel for helping them significantly uplift their housing situation.{{more}}

On Sunday, members of Digicel’s staff, along with persons from the Seventh Day Adventist Church (South Leeward District) journeyed to the home of the Primus family, which was being refurbished.

The family benefitted under Digicel’s “In Five Hours Flat” programme. This programme sees Digicel’s staff members going into various communities and assisting with projects that can be carried out in a day or preferably in or around five hours.

The plight of the Primus family came to the fore last December, during Digicel’s Christmas Basket initiative, which sees the telecommunications company giving out food hampers to needy persons. During one of these Christmas runs in 2011, Channel Manager and President of Digicel’s Social Club Gershom Dick observed the family’s living circumstances and decided to do something to help.

So, it was on Sunday, August 26 that Digicel staff members and a few congregation members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church (South Leeward District) team totally rebuilt the inside section of the Primus family home.

The team put in six new windows, while they also partitioned off the inside of the house, turning the one room house into a five room dwelling place. The alterations included the addition of three bedrooms, a living area and a kitchen.

Explaining the involvement of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Pastor Aldon Ambrose said that the Primus family recently gave their life to Christ and was assigned a Home Guardian in the form of church member Sister Velma Samuel. Ambrose said that on visiting the Primus family, Sister Samuel observed that the family’s home had a dirt floor.

“Sister Samuel communicated to me that the family was made up of two young children and we move from there and paved the floor”, said Pastor Ambrose, who described Digicel’s added contribution as, “extremely wonderful and God ordained.”

Sister Samuel said, “I am so enthusiastic about what is taking place here; this is so great and Digicel can call on us anytime there is a project like this.”

Head of the Primus family Matthew and his wife Judy were elated for the help from Digicel and their new church.

“This is very excellent,” said Matthew who added, “I really appreciate this and I will like to say thanks for coming through; I am really grateful and happy and I can say that I am really happy for the step we took to go to church, as it has brought this blessing from Digicel.”

Matthew’s wife Judy commented: “I feel real great; I was praying for the help and I hope God continues to strengthen Digicel and my church, as we are very grateful for the help.”

Digicel’s Human Resource Manager Michelle Thomas said that Digicel’s assistance came in the form of providing galvanize, windows, plywood, lumber, doors and labor among other things.

“Digicel is glad that we were able to bring joy to this family”, said Thomas.

The Primus home is made up of Matthew (head of home) his wife Judy and their children Daneal, Masheair, Danakia and Danisia. Daneal has a daughter Danealla and Masheair also has a daughter Makeisha.

Digicel’s ‘In five hours flat’ programme was launched in Union Island in 2010. Community groups or individuals can submit project ideas to Digicel. The projects will be undertaken every two months. It must be possible to complete the project in a day.