August 24, 2012
Hope Junior High School records improved CCSLC performance

The co-founders of Hope Junior High School (HJHS) are “pleased” with their students’ improved perfomance at the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC) examinations.{{more}}

Although the institution entered fewer students this year, they achieved better results than in 2011.

Johnston Taylor, co-founder of the school, said that all of the students who sat CCSLC examinations through HJHS were excluded from ‘mainstream’ schooling in Form 2, because the institutions they attended believed they “could not make it”.

“They spent one year with us and they passed!” pointed out Taylor. “Overall we are pleased with the results.”

This year HJHS recorded a 100 per cent pass rate in English, 77.78 per cent in Social Studies, 71.4 per cent in Integrated Science, and a 20 per cent pass rate in Mathematics.

In 2011, it recorded 67 per cent in English, 62.5 per cent in Integrated Science, 43 per cent in Social Studies and zero per cent in Mathematics.

Fifteen students were entered in 2011, and nine students were entered this year.

“We noticed that those students who did not pass are those whose parents did not support them,” explained Taylor.

He noted that one of their students, Devonte Boyea, achieved Mastery level in three of the subjects he sat examinations in.

All of the students who passed their CCSLC examinations will rejoin ‘mainstream’ schooling at institutions across the island.

Taylor further added that he and his faculty intend to tweak the syllabus to try and compensate for and rectify the weaknesses identified by these results.

The HJHS caters to students (up to the Form 3 level) who did not pass the Common Entrance Examination or were expelled or removed from secondary school for various reasons.

The institution is now open for registration for the upcoming academic year. Interested persons may contact co-founders Johnston Taylor and Esther Carr-Taylor at 457-1919.(JV)