August 24, 2012
Five students awarded scholarships

The five recipients of the Melanie McKenzie Educational Scholarship Fund, specifically geared towards assisting families of children with disabilities, received their contributions for the new academic school year on Tuesday.{{more}}

$2,500 in funding was handed over to Phil McIntosh (Sunshine School) in Bequia, Melissa Sutherland (Georgetown School for Children with Special Needs), Vinelle Miller (Helping Hands), Rosita Hendrickson (Kingstown School for Children with Special Needs) and Kevin Davy (St Benedict’s, Georgetown).

Each student received $500, which will be renewed throughout their time in school.

The scholarship was the brainchild of McKenzie, who, according to Patricia Cumberbatch, President of the National Society of Disabled Persons (NSPD) started it some seven years ago, following the many requests that came in for assistance from parents to send their children to school.

The funds were raised from the proceeds of a march and rally.

The march and rally, according to Cumberbatch, will be a permanent feature and are expected to be staged every year to raise funds for the scholarship.

Cumberbatch and the NSPD’s Vice President Stanley Richards indicated that last year’s event was not well supported.

Therefore the scholarship fund was only able to support two children last year.

However, they expressed their gratitude to Assistant Superintendent of Police Johnathan Nicholls for giving his support and making this year’s event a success.