August 21, 2012
54 students in ‘Leadership Tomorrow’ workshop

The General Employees’ Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU) is hosting a two-day workshop in keeping with its objective to get more young people involved in the credit union movement.{{more}}

The workshop held under the theme, “Developing Credit Union Youth today for Leadership Tomorrow”, got underway yesterday at the Anglican Pastoral Centre and attracted 54 students, who gained scholarships from GECCU.

“We at GECCU are proud of you today and we stand to salute you, celebrate with you and help to build you up to face the few challenges which this sector has to offer and the role that you have to play in developing this sector,” Clarence Harry, president of GECCU, told the gathering.

Harry described the workshop as a timely one, as it coincides with youth month celebrations in August.

“And what better way to recognize our scholarship holders by having a workshop. Your theme for the workshop is ‘Developing Credit Union Youth Today for Leadership Tomorrow’.

“That theme speaks volumes. It says that we at GECCU are thinking of the future, and where else better to start than with our youths,” Harry added.

Meanwhile, GECCU’s Chief Executive Officer Lennox Bowman applauded the young people for taking time out from their summer vacation to attend.

Bowman further told the participants that the next two days would be very impactful on their lives, as they will have the opportunity to be engaged in a number of gainful activities.

“Many times we go through school and we just focus on the book work … A lot of the exposure to presentation, the confidence of thinking and working in groups, sometimes you don’t get that.

“This is an opportunity now for especially some of the shy ones … but we’ll see how that goes in the sessions coming up,” the executive added.

The workshop will see the establishment of an “historic” GECCU Youth Committee, Bowman said.

“We’ve always had a focus on youth. You may not know, but we sponsor 30 schools co-operatives in the primary and secondary schools. So we are involved in youth, but you are even more a part of us because you are our scholarship holders.

“…We want you to be the brain; we want you to be the source of all the ideas that come to GECCU,” Bowman added.

Participants will also hear presentations by David Marquez, CEO of Trinidad’s Credit Union Society Limited (COPOS) and his colleague, Yola Charles.

Some of the topics to be discussed and presented during the workshop include transitioning/work ethics, overview of the co-operative philosophy, social graces and leadership. (AA)