August 17, 2012
Westfield is Digicel’s Ultimate Olympic Fan

Sean Westfield is ‘Digicel’s Ultimate Olympic Fan’ and as a result, the Coconut Range, Campden Park resident has won a party for himself and 40 of his friends at Marty’s Sports Bar in Pembroke.{{more}}

The party will be fully catered for by Digicel.

Westfield, who visited Digicel’s Corporate Offices on Wednesday, is the winner of ‘Digicel’s Ultimate Olympic Fan’ campaign which ran on Facebook.

Marketing Executive at Digicel Justin John said that during the Olympics, persons were ask to create a post using 50 words or less, or post a video (20 seconds or less) on Digicel’s Facebook page, “stating why you are Digicel’s Ultimate Olympic Fan”.

John said that the script or video should have incorporated all the following words: Digicel, Samsung, Olympics, Bolt and Party. Persons were asked to post entries on the Digicel page no later than August 3.

Westfield’s 20 second video and script steered him to the top position.

The script read, “Well, if it wasn’t for SAMSUNG and DIGICEL the OLYMPICS spirit would not be as hype in St Vincent. I can’t wait to see Usain BOLT break the 100 meter record again while I sip drinks with all my friends at my PARTY because I will win this prize.”

John said that Westfield: was the only person to do a video post, “and it was outstanding.”

Said Westfield: “I am happy to win, I wasn’t looking to win but I put out something and I won, so I am glad.”

He is hoping to hold his party on September 1.