August 17, 2012
Teachers Credit Union youth group learns about presentation, communication skills

The members of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Cooperative Credit Union (SVGTCCU) Youth Group should now have better communication and presentation skills.{{more}}

Last Saturday, the group benefited from a presentation by Dr Jules Ferdinand, on the topic “Communication and Presentation Skills”.

Ferdinand’s presentation was the culmination of a series of activities, including impromptu speeches and job interview training, which is part of the group’s regular activity during meetings.

At the session, members of the group were shown the importance of communication in almost every aspect of life, from the informal to the more formal working environment. Ferdinand explained that communication is more than merely giving out information, but doing this in a clear, suitable and concise way, so that the speaker’s ideas get the desired response.

Studies have shown that when there is communication between or among persons, the words hold only a small fraction of importance and it is the tone of voice used and body language displayed that most heavily impacts the conversation.

Ferdinand highlighted the importance of communication within the SVGTCCU Youth Group, explaining that keeping it healthy and working together towards the mission and goals of the group would improve overall performance. In addition, he stressed the importance of allowing each member a fair chance and that any conflict raised within the group should be recognized and quickly dealt with to maintain harmony among themselves.

Concluding the session, Ferdinand encouraged members to accept responsibility, increase group member participation and to enhance the way in which they communicate with each other.

Ferdinand is a business consultant who has conducted management and leadership training in several companies and organizations throughout the Eastern Caribbean. He is also a lecturer at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and the Cave Hill School of Business.