August 17, 2012
Customers celebrate LIME Mega Moments

Five LIME customers are celebrating their Mega Moments, as week one of the summer promotions ended. Dickson resident Desiree Franklyn, Harriet Richardson of Carrierre, Joyce Byron-Cox of Lower Edinboro, Elford Stoy of Bequia and Yvonne Jack from Sans Souci are the lucky winners and will each receive a prize of $1,500.{{more}}

LIME Mega Moments promotion allows customers to win $1,500 daily. It comes at a time when customers are either celebrating their summer holidays or planning for back to school. The promotion is open to all LIME customers: fixed line, mobile or Internet customers.

Fixed line customers who sign up for service during the summer will get a chance to win daily and also get one month free Cheap Chat that allows free fixed line to fixed line calls. Internet customers can also win by signing up and will receive massive discount on a four port wireless modem. Mobile prepaid and post paid customers can also win by signing up, talk for three minutes, trade in a phone from the “other guys” and top up to win $1,500 daily.

“This prize comes at a crucial time and I want to thank LIME for this magnificent promotion. $1,500 is a lot of money and it comes at a time when things are very tight in the economy. I will be using the money to purchase back to school supplies for the daughter who is going to GHS Form 5, said Desiree Franklyn, parent of four children

Harriet Richardson, teacher of the Cane End Government School and parent of one child, said: “this was unplanned and it is also very timely and wasn’t expected. However, I will like to thank LIME as a first time winner. This is really great value, a miracle and I want to thank God for his blessings.”

“Coming off of an excellent Carnival season, LIME swings straight into summer with our “Summer Swing” promotions which allow our customers to celebrate their Mega Moment in their own way. LIME is offering excellent value to our customers. They are getting to talk and can save up to 60 cents on a call using our Talk 357 offer, when compared to the competition. Fixed line customers are getting value when they sign up and our Internet customers also are not left out of this Mega Moments offer,” said Head of Marketing Fitz Huggins.

LIME Mega moments will continue throughout the summer and will see five winners weekly, each winning $1,500 per day.