August 17, 2012
CRD Group of Companies hosts summer programme

The 75 children who participated in the five-week annual Summer Programme, sponsored by the C.R.D. Group of Companies, benefitted from many disciplines this year and came away with new talents.{{more}}

Badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, swimming, volley ball, football, lawn tennis, rugby and sailing were some of the sports in which they participated. They developed their artistic skills, improved on their reading and matured in their musical talents, by playing the steel pan and the recorder.

Sailing instructors Albert Ollivierre and Avil Groden were happy with the children’s performance and looked forward to the formation of the Canouan Youth Sailing Club.

At the closing ceremony, held August 10 at the Pan Yard, Public Relations Co-ordinator Helen Child congratulated and encouraged the youngsters to persevere in the various disciplines.

Addresses came from tennis pro Andy Bentick and football coach Akil Joseph, who appealed to the children to continue striving for excellence and expressed satisfaction with the interest shown.

Pan tutor Colette Myers said it was indeed gratifying to see the children maturing in their music, and commended them on their continued performance.

The outstanding children received book prizes and certificates for their achievements.

Kharique Bailey, Jevonne Garraway and Jeneica Garraway were outstanding in lawn tennis. Jeneica Garraway, Earon Joseph and Clinica Snagg made strides in football and Zoe Deroche and Miah Deroche Frederick were the top performers in swimming.

In pan, Eunika Grant was the most outstanding player; Fihiana Grant was the most disciplined and Timothy Grant the most outstanding.

In sailing the children from Canouan competed against members of the Bequia Youth Sailing Club, who passed through Canouan on their way to the Carriacou Regatta.

Morenella Ollivierre, Alexis Ollivierre, Kyle Deroche and Javon Barnwell emerged winners.

Participants, parents and well-wishers were entertained by the C.C.A. Sand Dollar Steel Orchestra, who performed this year at the Junior Panorama and gave a very good account of themselves.

C.R.D. Holdings Limited continues to make a difference in the lives of children, who are the future of Canouan.