August 14, 2012
GHS, Thomas Saunders heads happy with CSEC exam results

Up to press time yesterday, the Ministry of Education had not officially released the results of this year’s CXC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, which are available to students online.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT, however, spoke to the principals of two leading secondary schools to find out how their students performed.

Andrea Bowman, Headmistress of the Girls’ High School, said that this year’s overall pass rate was 96.78 per cent – which is slightly down from last year’s rate of 98.3 per cent.

The school entered 125 candiates, and achieved 100 per cent passes in the following subjects: Theatre Arts, Biology, Physics, Social Studies, History, Principles of Business, Office Administration, Integrated Science, Food and Nutrition, Technical Drawing, Physical Education and Electronic Document Preparation Management (EDPM).

The pass rates for the other subjects ranged from 80 – 99 per cent.

Bowman also said that the school’s top performers are Cherrianne Davis, Shanka Edwards, LaDonna Yorke (with 12 subjects) and Khandi Gordon (with 11 subjects).

Davis achieved 11 grade ones and one grade two; Edwards – 10 grade ones and two grade twos; Yorke – two grade ones, with the other subjects ranging from grade two to three; and Gordon achieved 11 grade ones.

Bowman, who said she is pleased with this year’s results said: “I am pleasantly relieved. They [the students] stepped up after their second term exams.

“I’m very proud of them. They don’t think that I like them or I am proud of them… but I am!” she enthused.

Meanwhile, the Thomas Saunders Secondary School recorded a five per cent increase in its overall pass rate with 78.05 per cent. Principal John Renton said that his students achieved 100 per cent passes in Biology, Food and Nutrition, Home Economics, Information Technology and Physical Education. There was also over 90 per cent passes in Social Studies, History, EDPM, Integrated Sciences and Principles of Business.

The school’s top performers are Angelique George, Roxanne Richards, Rae-Dawn Thomas and Nateisha John – who all passed nine subjects.

“We’re just looking to keep improving,” said Renton. “Next year, hopefully, we will get over 80 per cent!”(JV)

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