August 14, 2012
‘EG’ Lynch may have suffered stroke – sources

Opposition radio talk show host Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch was yesterday still in hospital, after “suffering some difficulties” on air last Wednesday.{{more}}

Lynch was incomprehensible at the start of the “New Times” programme and continued that way for about 12 minutes, before the show broke for advertisements.

The opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), whose daily talk show Lynch hosts, announced his hospitalisation on its website on Thursday.

“Elwardo Lynch was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital yesterday after suffering some difficulties while on radio,” the party said, adding that members of the NDP’s executive had visited Lynch.

NDP leader Arnhim Eustace told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday he would not give details about Lynch’s illness, because it was a “sensitive” and “private” matter.

“All I am saying is he is hospitalized at the moment and receiving treatment, but I don’t want to go into details about his treatment.

“It is a very sensitive matter that is his private business. I have not spoken to him about making any public statements.

“I can say he is still in the hospital,” said Eustace who added that he plans to visit Lynch today.

But well-placed sources told SEARCHLIGHT that Lynch may have suffered a stroke.

“Because his [blood] sugar level was so high, it led to the stroke … and that’s when he began acting like that on air,” one source said.

Sources further said Lynch was “resting comfortably” as ordered by his doctor.

Before his illness last week, Lynch was scheduled to travel to the United States in early September for further treatment of an eye condition.

But sources said that his current ailments are not connected to the eye condition.

The eye ailment had kept him off air for almost a year, during which he received treatment overseas.

He returned to “New Times”, which he has hosted for 11 years, just over a month ago.

Ernesto Cooke, the NDP’s Public Relations Officer, will host the show in the interim, as he did when Lynch was being treated for his eyes. (AA)