August 10, 2012
Layou man alleges being shot by police corporal

Layou resident Wayne Smith is at a loss as to why a man, whom he alleges is a police officer, fired several gunshots at him on Monday night, leaving him nursing a bullet wound to his right leg.{{more}}

Relating his plight to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, Smith said on Monday, at about 10 p.m., he was at a shop in Texeir Road when a man and a woman began arguing.

“Me tell de man that he pick up ah bad woman and yo know if de gyal is ah bad gyal, done with them thing dey…,” Smith said.

According to Smith, another man came into the shop and began arguing with him.

“Me say, man, you get bad woman too! So the man start to chuck me off. So, another man in the shop hold me back and tell me done with that,” he said.

He said he left the shop and he and the man who had come into the shop engaged in pelting stones at each other.

“He pelting stone and me pelting stone. After a while he run out pon me with bottle. So, I run now and then when I come back round the corner, I see a private vehicle, a black jeep pull up alongside me…When me dey dey, me think ah the same man come fight me…,” he recalled.

Smith, who is walking with the assistance of crutches, said a man alighted from the vehicle and pulled something from his waist.

“Me see he start firing shot after me. So, when me running now, me pick up a shot in me foot and it throw me ah gutter pon me face.”

The 36-year-old man said he was so frightened that he got out of the gutter and continued running.

“When I running, the man just dey behind ah me bussing shot. He buss about seven shots after me,” Smith said.

He alleges that the man who shot him is a police corporal.

“I just come back from England on vacation and this is the fist time I ever get into any trouble in my 36 years. I know this man. I don’t feel pleased about this and I want to take it to the magistrate’s court to get my rights, yuh ovas!” Smith continued.

Smith said his alleged shooter even came to the hospital and apologised.

“He even ask me, mek me na been stand up that night…,” Smith said.

When contacted, Sergeant Grantley Alexander of the Layou Police Station told SEARCHLIGHT that he is aware of the shooting incident. He, however, said he is not aware who is investigating the matter. (KW)