August 10, 2012
Hundreds take part in Luke’s Kids Club

Over 400 Vincentian youths will take part in the second annual summer installment of Luke’s Kids Club that caters to “children from all walks of life”.{{more}}

The summer programme, which will run until August 31, was launched Monday at the Club’s headquarters at Cane Garden, with founder Luke Browne introducing the volunteers who will assist with activities.

Browne said that he hopes the tightly-packed schedule of activities will increase the participants’ knowledge of self and their surroundings, as well as help to “eliminate socio-economic barriers”.

“We hope they will gain an appreciation for the arts…for culture … for emancipation … and] develop their consciousness,” said Browne.

“We have a wide range of activities. I am sure they will enjoy it!”

The summer programme, operating under the theme ‘Emancipation’, will divide the children into two groups; with the four – nine year-olds’ programme running from August 6 – 17, and the 10 – 15 year-olds’ programme from August 20 – 31.

Participants will be treated to a variety of activities, including art and crafts; adventurous expeditions and educational tours to sites of interest throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines; exploring their musical talent; and learning about pets and other animals.

The programme’s daily schedule will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., and participants will put on a special ‘Emancipation Showcase’ at the end of their respective rotations.

Browne said that participants will also visit institutions, such as the Lewis Punnett Home, the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and the Golden Years Activity Centres putting on smaller shows for the elderly and the infirm.

Luke’s Kids Club was founded in March 2011, and conducts “culturally relevant” programmes during the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays. Its aim is to “help develop well-rounded, responsible, financially prudent and aware citizens … who are on course to fulfilling careers and lives”.

Luke Browne is an economist who ran and lost on a Unity Labour Party ticket in East Kingstown in the 2010 General Elections.(JV)