August 10, 2012
Cop challenges youths to use blogs to express opinions

Vincentian youths should use blogs to express their views, Inspector of Police Hawkins Nanton, a communications expert, said last week.{{more}}

Nanton, who recently joined the Police Force after 16 years as a journalist, said at the SVG National Youth Lecture Series 2012 in Kingstown on August 2 that new media are transforming the traditional role of editors, who previously decided what would be disseminated.

He spoke on “Youth in Media: The Facebook Generation” and agreed with academics Steven H. Chaffee and Miriam J. Metzger that gatekeepers’ (often editors) tight control over the media is waning.

Nanton said that Vincentian youths could use social media to set their own agenda and select their own content.

“ I am sure that some politicians have been receiving emails or Facebook messages … about problems they may be having in their constituencies.

“So, unlike the past, where the agenda was being set by the representatives, today, the agenda is being set by Facebook and the whole social media network,” Nanton said at the Peace Memorial Hall.

“In essence, … the youth have an opportunity to determine what content they will be posting. Some youth have been designing their own blogs but I don’t think that blogging is something that is being practised or something that is being well developed in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“And, I will use this to challenge the youth among us, develop your blogs, where you will be able to express your own opinions, where you will be able to articulate your own points and get your views out there. I believe that this will contribute to your overall development,” Nanton said. (KXC)