August 10, 2012
CIBC feeds SVG homeless in and around Kingstown

The local branch of CIBC First-Caribbean has a special cause this year.{{more}}

The country’s homeless will receive special attention during the branch’s Adopt-A-Cause programme for 2012.

CIBC/FirstCaribbean’s Adopt-A-Cause represents one of the primary ways in which the bank provides assistance to the community, through a financial gift and or, a display of volunteerism by staff.

Staff members of the Bank recently joined hands with the Roman Catholic Church in Kingstown to provide Sunday lunch for the homeless in and around Kingstown.

St Vincent and the Grenadines, much like its other Caribbean neighbours, is home to many people who are homeless and unable to provide for themselves. To help lessen this burden, the Roman Catholic Church provides a warm meal for them every Sunday.

On July 29, CIBC FirstCaribbean partnered with the Catholics to provide that day’s meal.

The bank also plans to host a special breakfast for the homeless later in the year, as another dimension of this year’s Adopt-A-Cause Programme.