August 3, 2012
Taiwanese cultural exchange summer programme closes

Following two weeks of cultural exchanges between Vincentian youths and Taiwanese volunteers, the 2012 Taiwan Youth Ambassador summer programme has come to a close.{{more}}

The programme catered to 30 Vincentian partizant. The closing ceremony was held last Friday at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall.

Osborne Bowens, dean of the Technical and Vocational Division of the SVG Community College, said that he was pleased to see the Vincentian and Taiwanese youths learning so much from each other, and called on the organisers to increase the number of Vincentian youths who are allowed to participate.

“The doors of Taiwan have now been far flung wide open,” Bowen said.

He also assured the Taiwanese ambassador that although St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is a small nation, it is a “strong ally” to have.

“We are here to support your people,” said Bowens.

The closing ceremony featured several cultural presentations by the Taiwanese youth ambassadors, the Vincentian participants and members of the National Dance Company. These included traditional dance routines and songs.

Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel, in brief remarks, expressed “sincere appreciation” to the government of Taiwan for its continued contribution to the development of SVG — especially in the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors.

Miguel said that the annual programme “symbolises the further development of bonding that exists between our two countries”.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese ambassdor congratulated the participants on gaining new skills and talents.

“I hope you have enjoyed what was brought to you by the Taiwan youth ambassadors,” he said.

Leader of the Taiwanese youth delegation Dr Su-Ying Hsu expressed her gratitude to all those who made the annual programme possible, and said that she hoped this “journey” proved useful to both the Taiwanese and Vincentian participants.

During the closing ceremony, six Vincentians were presented with scholarships to pursue further studies at universities in Taiwan. They are: K’Sha Woodley, Dacia Tucker, Juliana Francis, Allison Thomas, Gordon Charles and Jarand Baker.

These scholarships have been awarded by the Taiwanese government since 2004, with 64 Vincentian recipients so far.