August 3, 2012
SVG Solidarity in Action Inc donates to hospital

Donations continue to pour in at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH).{{more}}

Less than two weeks after receiving donations of fans and mattresses, the hospital on Monday was the recipient of a power wash machine, compliments the SVG Solidarity in Action Inc.

The machine, valued at US$900 was presented to the Minister of Health Clayton Burgin by Chairman of the SVG Solidarity in Action Inc Renwick Rose, during a short ceremony at the hospital’s lecture room.

Rose explained that the donation was done as part of the organization’s commitment to lend assistance to the development of the nation’s health sector.

“This is a very small contribution, but I think naturally those of you, who are going to use it, I hope it will go a long way towards helping to solve some of the problems… It is important that we all work together and we in Solidarity Inc see this as part of what we can do to help,” Rose said.

Other corporate entities were also called upon by Rose to consider making donations to the hospital.

“Whether they operate car parks, supermarkets or whatever they do, the same way we, after a year could make a little contribution to the hospital, there are people whose earnings are more than a hundred times what we earn and we would hope this would inspire them to make a bigger contribution according to their means,” he added.

Upon receiving the machine, Burgin expressed gratitude to the organization for their consideration in making the donation, which he described as a meaningful gesture.

“Here we have a local organization which has the best interest of this country, the land of their birth, buried deep in their heart. And this initiative on their part is deserving of the highest commendation.

“I am confident that this organization will continue to provide appropriate resources for the benefit of all citizens of our blessed land,” the Minister said.

On July 20, the MCMH received 12 mattresses from the United Returnees Association Cooperative and six ceiling fans from the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA). (AA)