August 3, 2012
SVG Port Authority hands over Clarence Keizer Education Award scholarships

The SVG Port Authority has granted scholarships to three students who passed this year’s Common Entrance Examination.{{more}}

The scholarships were presented under the Clarence Keizer Education Award.

The students — Tahj Bailey, Nyella Antrobus and Jerron Dopwell — received their cheques during a ceremony at the Cruise Ship Berth on Monday.

Featured speaker Martin Laborde, marketing manager at the East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC), congratulated the children on their achievement, and urged them to make the most of the scholarships.

“Always exceed what is expected of you … It will set you apart from others. Make the best use of what life hands you,” he said.

Laborde also told the students that this achievement was only the start of their educational journeys, and that they should continue to “strive for excellence”.

“There is always room to grow and expand your knowledge base,” he said.

Laborde said that parents play a significant role in their children’s educational development. He, however, added that despite their best intentions of parents, students will only excel if they have the self motivation and passion to do so.

He also told students that while academic failure or poor performance should be avoided, they should not give up if faced with this reality.

“Get up and get going one more time!” Laborde said. “What you are today is not necessarily what you are tomorrow.”

Current scholarship holders also attended the ceremony to receive their cheques. They included 2011 awardees Colin Phillips and Tamaria Young; 2012 awardees Kwanshai Lewis, Kole Lotmore, Kentish Ells, and Crystal Slater; 2009 awardees Erin Stephens, Radika Ragguette, Rae Dawn Abbott, and 2008 awardees Annique Telemaque and Shanique Oliver.

Chair of the SVG Port Authority Edwin Snagg congratulated the students and encouraged them to continue performing well.

Snagg also commended the SVGPA for awarding scholarships annually.

“This is just a continuation of the education revolution… The Port Authority is indeed playing its role,” he said.

The SVGPA has been awarding scholarships to children of its employees since 1996.

This is the first year that the scholarships were open to members of the public.