August 3, 2012
SVG Helping Hands Inc continues to give back

Wish lists continue to be granted by the California based non-profit organization SVG Helping Hands Inc.{{more}}

Over several weeks, children of the St Benedict Day Nursery and Childrens’ Home, the Argyle Preschool and Primary School and the Calder Primary School received barrels filled with materials from the organization.

A press release from President of SVG Helping Hands Inc Sally Ellis thanked persons who donated items and supported their fund-raising activities and encouraged them to continue assisting the organization.

Ellis said that SVG Helping Hands Inc. was pleased to help those in need and she mentioned that the women at the Hands of Christ Ministry Bible Study Group in the United States were also instrumental in ensuring that items such as diapers, pedialyte, vitamin water and clothing were sent to this country, while Molly Drentea was helpful in giving art supplies to the Calder Primary.

The leader of the SVG Helping Hands Inc. said “We can’t forget these wonderful children and we were able to send several barrels to the Argyle Preschool and Elementary School. They were in desperate need of school supplies, early development toys… We sent two large pots for the school (30 quarts and 40 quarts). They were using two very small pots to cook breakfast and lunch for the children… The pots will help with the meals and feed the children.”

Ellis, who along with her cousins Sally Charleston and Natasha Bullock-Odero migrated to the United States, said that they would be having their annual barbecue on August 4 to help with their next shipment, which will be in early September.

She urged persons willing to assist the three-year-old organization wishing to check out the work of the organization to visit their website at