August 3, 2012
Courts to help householders make smart energy choices

Courts, the country’s leading home appliance store, along with appliance manufacturers Whirlpool and Mabe, is embarking on a campaign to help households make smart energy choices when shopping for and using their appliances.{{more}}

The four-week campaign, which kicks off tomorrow, will feature giveaways; discounts on energy-efficient appliances, an interactive radio show and in-store, energy-saving advice to customers.

Customers purchasing Whirlpool products will walk away with Grocery Vouchers to shop at any C.K. Greaves Supermarket, while customers purchasing any Mabe Appliance will receive a small kitchen appliance absolutely free.

Alexis Harry-John, Marketing Officer at Courts SVG, describes the campaign as designed to help households get more value from their investments in appliances, which fits in with the company’s tag line “Bringing Value Home”.

John said “We are cognizant of our corporate social responsibilities, which are our guide to ensure that we assist our customers to save or conserve energy, and by doing so we are adding value towards a better standard of living for all.”

In-store energy-saving information, advice and tips will be provided to customers by Herbert Samuel, the creator of Welectricity, an award-winning, social media innovation that promotes smart energy use at home.