July 24, 2012
Youngsters receive scholarships from Striders Club

Christopher Alleyne and Colin Cuffy, former students of the Brighton Methodist School, last Friday joined the Striders Cultural Social Club family,{{more}} when they were named as the 2012 recipients of the club’s secondary school scholarship program.

Alleyne, who placed 47th overall and 23rd for boys and Cuffy, who placed 283rd for boys and 644th overall, last Friday received their payments, courtesy the community organization.

According to Patricia Caruth, the club’s coordinator, the two young men received one-off payments which are expected to be put towards their school expenses.

Alleyne will be entering the St Vincent Grammar School in September, while Cuffy will be attending the St Martin’s Secondary School.

Caruth explained that to date, the club has assisted 24 students with their secondary education.

Young Alleyne received $1,100 for topping his class in this year’s Common Entrance Exams and Cuffy received $1,000.

She praised the teachers for the work put into preparing the students at the school.

In turn, she encouraged the recipients to ensure that they remained focussed, particularly as they were entering secondary school.

“Do your homework and make your parents very proud,” Caruth said.

She also cautioned the parents and guardians of the boys to ensure that they do not allow the students to “slip up.”

“I want you all to work diligently, read over your work and do your homework,” she continued.

The Striders Cultural Social Club has adopted the school and since 1998, have been offering monetary donations to successful students at the Common Entrance Examination.(AA)