July 24, 2012
NAAUP organises week-long reunion on Union Island

A large contingent of Unionites has returned to Union Island for a week-long reunion organized by the National Association for the Advancement of Union Island People (NAAUP).{{more}}

The reunion, which will be held under the theme “Give Back to Union Reunion”, began on Sunday and will run until July 29.

President of the group Delta Alexander explained that the objective of the reunion is to raise funds while brainstorming for ideas on how overseas based nationals can lend assistance to their homeland.

“NAAUP’s mission is to help to maximize and encourage healthcare outreach, offer opportunity for self-improvement; strive for advancement in education and encourage cultural and economic development.

“Our vision also is to provide a better quality of life for the community by promoting the highest standards of excellence in health care, social, and economic development. And we want to ensure we continue to do that,” Alexander noted.

“The response from persons who we invited to come home was overwhelming,” she added.

In 2010, the group donated a quantity of medical supplies and bedding to the Celena Clouden hospital in Clifton Union Island.

This time around, the group has in their possession a Defibrillator, a Suction Machine, a Fetal heart monitor and an Oxygen saturation monitor, which will be handed over to the Celena Clouden Hospital, Alexander said.

The list of activities for the week’s reunion include: a teen pageant to be held tonight, a cultural day on Thursday, a beach picnic on Friday, and a dinner on Saturday,

which will be held under the theme ‘Celebrating Life’.

To climax the week of activities, a closing ceremony dinner will be held on Sunday at the Clifton Beach Hotel.

The NAAUP was founded in 2008 with the intent of connecting Unionites abroad with the island and to encourage them to “Give Back” to its development and future.