July 24, 2012
444 inmates housed at correctional facilities, according to prison report

THE THREE CORRECTIONAL facilities here house 444 inmates, according to a recent prison report.{{more}}

The report, which was presented and read by Superintendent of Prisons Linus Goodluck at the close of the High Court’s criminal assizes last Friday, indicated that 257 prisoners are housed at Belle Isle correctional facility.

When it was commissioned on April 21, 2012, it housed 240 inmates.

There are 176 inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown and 11 female inmates at Fort Charlotte.

The report revealed that of the 257 prisoners at Belle Isle, 250 have been sentenced. The High Court sentenced 100, while 150 were sentenced by the Magistrates’ Court. Six prisoners are awaiting trial, four for murder and two for controlled drugs, while one is awaiting sentencing for money laundering.

Other inmates at Belle Isle are serving sentences for murder, manslaughter, wounding, attempted murder, threats to murder, assault, burglary, aggravated burglary, rape, indecent assault, carnal knowledge, incest, controlled drugs, unlicensed firearm, robbery and, among others, theft.

At Her Majesty’s Prison in Kingstown, 52 inmates are serving sentences, with 26 each sentenced by the High Court and Magistrates’ Court. There are 124 inmates on remand; 50 persons are currently awaiting trial, three awaiting sentencing and 71 awaiting Preliminary Investigations.

Of the 11 females housed at Fort Charlotte, six are serving sentences, two for murder and one each for theft, controlled drugs, breach of bond and bribery.

Two females were sentenced by the High Court and four by the Magistrates’ Court. Four are awaiting trial and one is awaiting a Preliminary Investigation.

The figures revealed that 38 non-nationals from Trinidad, St Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Bermuda and Venezuela are in custody.

Of that figure, 16 are serving sentences:10 for controlled drugs, two for unlicensed firearms and one each for murder, robbery, threats to murder and impersonation.

Eleven are awaiting trial, nine are awaiting preliminary investigations and one awaiting sentencing on money laundering charges.

In conclusion, 308 inmates are serving sentences: 136 are on remand; 60 are awaiting trial in the High Court; 72 awaiting Preliminary Inquiries; and four awaiting sentence.

This year’s criminal assizes were presided over by Justices Frederick Bruce-Lyle and Wesley James.(KW)