July 20, 2012
More customers win in Digicel’s Crack the Code promotion

Digicel’s Crack the Code promotion has so far given away over EC$12,000 in cash with another EC$38,000 to go.{{more}}

Last Friday, Sylvonne Adams, one of six winners, collected her EC$2,000 cheque from Digicel’s Marketing Executive Justin John.

The lucky woman said that she is happy to be part of Digicel’s promotion as it afforded her the opportunity to win the much welcomed money.

Other winners of the Crack the Code EC$2,000 are Aubyn Hepburn, Orlando Luke, Herbert Scott, Earner Campbell and Amora Bynoe.

There were also six second place winners who were rewarded with prizes that included free credit, Blackberry Smart phones and Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

The promotion, which ends on August 4, will see another nine lucky Digicel customers being rewarded. One will be rewarded with EC$30,000 in cash, four will be rewarded with EC$2,000 while the remaining four will be given either a Samsung Galaxy Tab, a Blackberry Smart phone or free credit.

John said that the “Crack the Code” promotion is designed to show that Digicel has its customers’ needs at heart.

He said that the promotion offers a customer the opportunity to win cash and other great prizes just by topping up their prepaid phone EC$10 or more or by paying their post paid bill on time.

The promotion is structured in such a way as to reward two winners every week. The weekly first place winner gets EC$2,000 cash, while the second place gets an electronic gadget in the form of either a BlackBerry smart phone, a Samsung handset or a Samsung tablet. Persons can also win themselves data for one year and $200 free credit. At the end of the promotion, one lucky person will win the EC$30,000 Grand Prize.

Explaining how the promotion works, John said that persons who top up their phones EC$10 or more or pay their post paid bill on time are entered in a random draw. Ten of these random persons will receive a phone call from Digicel and will be asked to guess any four-digit combination between 1000 and 9999. Digicel has its own four-digit number and the person coming closest to Digicel’s four-digit code without going over will win the week’s prize.

John also said that during the grand finale, ten persons will be chosen to guess Digicel’s four digit code and win EC$30,000.

“Even if you won the weekly EC$2,000 or one of the weekly gadgets, you are still eligible for the grand prize draw,” said John.

The Crack the Code promotions compliments Digicel’s other promotions like Free After 3 and Cash Back.