July 17, 2012
Vincy poet living in USA pens ‘Flower of Grass’ book of poems

Another Vincentian poet has emerged in the person of Daphne Harold-Warner, who now resides in the United States of America.{{more}}

Harold-Warner thought about publishing her book of poems many years ago and, at last, her dream has come true. Her publication is called “Flower of Grass – Poetry of Life from the first Hello to the last Goodbye”. In much the same way that the Bible expresses just how fragile life is – here today, gone tomorrow, the poems are about the simple pleasures and everyday occurrences of life.

Copies of the book are available online from and are expected to hit the local market soon.

Her poems are said to make for entertaining and interesting reading anda “must” for all Vincentian libraries and bookshelves.

Daphne worked at the Public Library in the 1970s, under the leadership of the late Lorna Small.