July 17, 2012
SVGTU yearly training workshop commences

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union launched its annual teacher training workshop with an opening ceremony yesterday.{{more}}

The workshop, which will run until July 27, is being conducted this year in collaboration with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, the Ministry of Education, Pearson and Macmillan publishers, and the Basic Needs Trust Fund.

Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel, in her remarks, welcomed the team of educators from the CTF and commended the SVGTU for establishing the workshop – now in its sixth year of operation.

Miguel pledged “unswerving support” for the initiative, and urged local educators to make the most of this opportunity.

“We cannot lose sight of the need for training and development at all levels,” she said.

She added that such workshops provide teachers with “multiple approaches to teaching and learning”, and enable them to be well equipped to effectively cater to students from varied backgrounds, abilities and needs.

This year’s workshop will offer six courses in Leadership and Management, Reading/Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Early Childhood Educational Development.

Ray Laborde, first vice president of the SVGTU, said that he expects the workshop to provide teachers with an opportunity to “re-tool” themselves, so that they can improve their performance in the classroom.

He also urged those in the teaching profession to remain united, and endeavour to stamp out unprofessionalism and any other undesirable behaviour that some educators indulge in.

Laborde also called on the government to reinstate three teachers who have collectively given 80 years of service to teaching and education – warning that if they did not, they would “face the consequences”.

Lina Radziunas, CTF team leader, also gave remarks. She said that collaborating with the SVGTU is part of the organization’s ‘Project Overseas’ initiative, providing support to teams in 13 countries.

Radziunas said that despite funding cuts to the CTF, their project is still “alive and thriving”, and emphasised the importance of learning from each other to come up with new strategies to address the ever-changing needs of students.

Brief remarks were also given by Ezekiel Richards, Macmillan Caribbean representative; Kenneth Douglas, BNTF representative; and James Wilson, course director.

The launch was also commemorated by the planting of a tree at the St Vincent Grammar School lawn. (JV)