July 17, 2012
SJCM holds past students’ reunion service

The positive impact that the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua (SJCM), formerly the Marriaqua Secondary School (MSS), has had on the rest of society has been positive.{{more}}

And the accomplishments of such individuals and the school were formerly acknowledged at the SJCM past students’ reunion service held on Sunday, July 15 at the St John’s Roman Catholic Church in Mesopotamia.

The activity, which was preceded by a march, was part of the week-long list of activities which brought past students at home and in the Diaspora together for the first ever reunion.

Though a small crowd was present, those in attendance were very appreciative of the impact that an education at the institution has had on their lives.

More specifically, many spoke of the positive contribution that the late Sr Patricia Ann Douglas, the longest serving principal at the school has had.

Many former students and some who went on to teach gave testimonies of the impact both have had on them.

Individuals like Dollis Alexander, who described her experience as a student at the school as a “lovely feeling.”

“SJCM has been my home for many years, first as a student then as a teacher,” she said.

She described the experience for many students as being pleasant and that it was her belief that many past students would have liked to contribute something back to the school.

Another former student, Jacintha James, attributed her present day success to the solid foundation she got while attending the SJCM.

She thanked Sr Pat and the other members of staff then for helping her realize her full potential.

“Sr Pat always had a passion for children…because she always said love your children,” and this was something James said she took away with her.

“The values of the school remain the same and we should be proud to say that we are past students,” she continued.

One of the things that Sr Pat was known for was giving students second chances to get an education.

This is what Gloria Endeavour, former student, remembers most, she said.

“SJCM has done a lot for me – Sr Pat and her idea of education revolution,” she said, adding that the phenomenon did not start now, but years ago with Sr Pat.

According to Endeavour, she was given a second opportunity at entering secondary school when she gained entry into the school by way of the internal entrance examination, which was initiated by Sr Pat.

“And I am very grateful for that,” Endeavour said.

Present principal Sr Jacinta Wallace spoke of her own experience at the school, saying that it had a positive impact on her.

“Success is not how far you reach, but how far you have come from…tonight we lift you up,” she said.

“We are very proud of all of you – you are where you are now and we feel that former students are making a positive impact on society,” she said.

The activities continued last night with a talent show at the school and continue with a lecture to be delivered by Monignor Michael Stewart, an award gala dinner and back in time dance.

The proceeds of these events are in an effort to raise $60,000 to assist the school in its computer project. (DD)