July 13, 2012
PM quotes reggae artist, tells journalists ‘I hope you all know Admiral Tibet too’

Vincentians are used to hearing Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves quoting scripture from the Holy Bible, but recently, the Prime Minister channeled the lyrics of a Jamaican reggae artiste, and it wasn’t Bob Marley.{{more}}

At the press conference at Cabinet Room on July 2, at which he reported to the public about his trip to St Kitts for the meeting of the Monetary Council of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, Gonsalves used the opportunity to lash out at the Arnhim Eustace-led New Democratic Party, which he said continued to try to undermine his leadership.

“When they going stop lie about me? They try all they can to lie about me, about all sort of things, but there is a God.

“They should listen to Admiral Tibet, the Jamaican man… he say this is the period of time of confusion and bacchanal, to use our local expression. Never mind all that; there is the Most High.

“I hope you all know Admiral Tibet too, you know; you can’t allow an old man like me to know the lyrics and you don’t know,” the Prime Minister joked with the media present.

“You just shocked that the Comrade know about Admiral Tibet…. This is the whole thing in the business; your ears hear something and you say ‘Wait, is Admiral Tibet the Comrade say? What the Comrade know about Admiral Tibet?’”

Dr Gonsalves was referring to the Jamaica reggae artist, who is considered one of the most conscious singers of the art form.

Born Kenneth Allen in Freehill, St Mary, Jamaica, Admiral Tibet is widely known for his hits ‘Serious Times’, ‘Leave People Business Alone’ and ‘The Righteous’, among others.

The Prime Minister has in the past hinted at his vast knowledge of a variety of music and genres.

Recently, he quoted lyrics from British teen group One Direction, which he said he is aware of because of his teenage daughter.(JJ)