July 6, 2012
Bequia residents graduate from Agro-processing course

Thirty-one residents of the island of Bequia are now on their way to saving more and making money more easily.{{more}}

These persons are proud graduates of a two-month Agro-Processing course, held at the Paget Farm Community Centre. The graduates consist of housewives, unemployed high school graduates, teachers, and caterers, among others. The course was designed to show participants how to make different products from local fruits and vegetables.

Speaking at the Graduation Ceremony at the Community Centre on June 28, Facilitator of the course Licha Goddard of LG’s Agro-Processing said that it seemed almost impossible at first, but they managed to make it through. She urged the class to be tolerant and to always speak kindly to customers. Goddard thanked sponsors of the program, which include Action Bequia and the Ministry of Education, as the course would not have been possible without their input.

Representative for Action Bequia Lucille Cozier encouraged the graduates to honour their accomplishment, set goals for themselves, stay focussed and not to get discouraged or distracted. Cozier urged them to consider the seven P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, Placement, Packaging, Positioning and People. She told them that they have reached thus far and to let it be the beginning of the rest of their lives.

After this course, one should have become a changed person; there should be a change in behaviour and thinking. This is according to representative of the Adult and Continuing Education Division, Kenneth King. He told the graduates that he expects them to gain more skills and ideas in business. King said that opportunities were provided to make persons more marketable and also to create their own wealth and be independent.

“You deserve high commendation for registering,” said guest speaker Morrie Hercules. He advised the graduates to take what they have learnt and use it to better their lives and that of their families. Hercules commended Goddard for a job well done. He also commended the persons who funded the program.

The evening also included presentations in song and drama from the graduates and also testimonies from participants in the course.

At the end of the ceremony, there was an exhibition and sampling of the products made by the graduating class. Persons present were amazed after seeing and tasting what the locals had produced. Among the exhibits were Condensed milk, Mayonnaise, Pork, Chicken and Turkey ham, Smoked Herring, Salt Fish, Ketchup, Liquor, Red Mangoes, fruits for cake baking and many more.(DC)