July 3, 2012
Revolutionary activist Lidice Navas visits SVG

The people to people relations between this country and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela continue to grow, this time with the visit of one of that country’s long time revolutionary activists, Lidice Navas.{{more}}

Navas, now the Director of the Women’s Development Bank, paid a two-day visit to the country, beginning last Thursday, June 28.

And according to Yoel Perez Marcano, Venezuelan Ambassador to this country, the objective of the meeting was to sit and meet with a variety of organizations to discuss the successes of that country in achieving some of the millennium development goals.

He further said that the activities during the brief working visit included visits to the Ministry of National Mobilization, the headquarters of WINFA and with members of the cooperative league, where she intended to speak on the experience of the Women’s Bank of Venezuela.

“The people of Venezeula have enjoyed relations with the people of the entire region and it is in this frame of the Bolivarian vision that we extend our hands to the region to share the experience of our people in the efforts to reach the millennium development goals,” Nava explained.

After obtaining a degree in Literature from the Central University of Venezuela, Navas took to revolutionary militancy, joining the Revolutionary Left Movement in 1965.

She later joined the Bandera Roja organizations and their Guerilla front and participated in the Bolivarian process through the Women’s Patriotic Pole.

She also served on organizations aimed at promoting imperialist solidarity of the peoples of our America in defense of sovereignty and independence.

Navas added that there has been some success in efforts to achieve these goals, including poverty reduction, which she said the bank she represents has contributed to.

The purpose of the visit was to illustrate how the bank has been working with women’s groups and other micro-institutions of the country.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to share with the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines the experience I accumulated in 13 years,” she said, adding that she was here to complement the relations that were already established between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Mike Browne, President of the Venezuelan-Vincentian Friendship Association, said that it was good to understand the historical ties, but to also build on the strong relations between the two countries.

“And we will continue to build that strength between our two peoples,” he said.

The two-day trip ended on Sunday. (DD)