July 3, 2012
More recycle bins for Kingstown

Yet another local outfit is joining the campaign to keep St Vincent and the Grenadines clean and green. As part of efforts to encourage a healthier, cleaner environment here in St Vincent and the Grenadines,{{more}} All Islands Recycling (AIR) Inc. commissioned a number of recycle bins in and around capital Kingstown and at Carnival City, commencing last Friday.

This initiative also forms part of a long-term broader project which will be extended to schools, beginning with those in the Kingstown area, in September. The wider community and schools outside Kingstown will also be incorporated over time.

AIR is reminding Vincentians that recycling and waste reduction can make a significant difference in our country. Among the obvious benefits are the fact that: recycling saves the environment, energy and scarce natural resources; stems the dangers of global climate change and keeps our surroundings clean.

Several prominent business houses have joined AIR in providing sponsorship to construct the bins that will be strategically placed around Kingstown. AIR expects a significant reduction in waste generation and a more sensitized Vincentian public about the recycling process, as a result of this initiative.

AIR is encouraging all to play their part by making use of the receptacles provided, so that they too can help to keep SVG tidy.