July 3, 2012
Courts gives back more than $14,000 to its customers

The faces of five customers of Furniture and Appliance giant Courts were all aglow, as they received cash back just for taking part in ongoing promotional campaigns.{{more}}

On Tuesday last week, Courts doled out more than $15,000 in cash to customers who won their purchases free, or were rewarded for making purchases.

First up was Olson Murray of Rose Bank, who paid no money down on a TCL 32-inch television set and will now pay nothing whatsoever for the electronic appliance, as part of Courts Win Your Purchase promotion.

The BRAGSA employee indicated that this was the first time he was purchasing an item from Courts, and was hoping to make Courts his one-stop shop.

“I feel real good. I think I’m coming back to make another purchase, now that I don’t have to pay for this TV,” Murray indicated.

Murray was joined by Barbara James of Green Hill, who also won her TCL television, and would be making absolutely no payments on the set.

Three customers also came by to collect $500 cash each, after making purchases during the Carnival Cash Promotion earlier this month.

Cash Money never sounded so good for Sheldon Lewis of Fountain.

The Cash Money employee collected his $500, after purchasing a pressure cooker last week.

With his eyes on a refrigerator, Lewis said that he would definitely be back at Courts to shop, and that the money came in at just the right time.

“It took me a long time to win something from Courts and now I finally win I feel really good,” Lewis stated.

Lewis was joined by Latoya Woods of Ottley Hall, who purchased a refrigerator, and was rewarded with $500 in the process.

The office clerk said that she was happy for the extra cash, which she would use to make a payment on her account.

Woods used the opportunity to encourage others to take advantage of the great deals that are available at Courts.

Also winning $500 for his purchase was Rillan Hill resident Othneil Williams.

Williams, a sailor by profession, paid for his TCL television set with cash, and had $500 returned to him.

A long time patron of Courts, Williams said that he intends to continue shopping there, and that he had not decided what he will do with the unexpected, but well appreciated money.

Marketing Manager of Courts Alexis John said that as Courts continues to reward its customers, shoppers can expect bigger and better prizes and surprises, just for purchasing the top brands that are available.

“I would also like to encourage shoppers to take advantage of our Carnival promotions which is ongoing, in order to win tons of prizes, including tickets, costumes and packages,” John said.(JJ)