June 29, 2012
No more Coca Cola, Sprite from Brewery

Still reeling from the absence of the beloved carbonated beverage Ju-C, Vincentians will soon see less of Coca Cola and Sprite products on local supermarket shelves.{{more}}

As of tomorrow, June 30, local bottler and distributor of Coca Cola and Sprite, St Vincent Brewery Ltd., will no longer be supplying the nation with the products, according to a press statement issued by the company on Monday this week.

The release stated that the contract for the Brewery to produce and distribute the carbonated soft drinks will come to an end tomorrow, as it was not renewed.

Regional Commercial Manager of the St Vincent Brewery Ltd Shafia London told SEARCHLIGHT that the termination of the contract will affect the company, but the existing product mix of soft drinks, like Vita Malt and Fruit Cocktail, will fill any voids created. The Regional Commercial Manager further stated that, given the recent acquisition of majority shares in the St Vincent Brewery Ltd by AMBEV, opportunities to introduce other products into the market remain a possibility.

London confirmed that since the announcement was made that the drinks were no longer to be produced and distributed here, Coca Cola and Sprite sales have increased.

Coca Cola was invented in 1886 in the United States, and was originally used as medicine, before becoming one of the most popular brands of carbonated soft drinks, and one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

The St Vincent Brewery, a long-time distributor of the product, began producing Coca Cola and Sprite almost twenty years ago.

London indicated that with the local brands that will still be around, along with new initiatives to come on stream, exciting times are still ahead for consumers.

“Coca Cola is a big brand and the St Vincent Brewery has, over the years, developed a strong mutually beneficial relationship with the Coca Cola Company and we are proud to have been given the opportunity to serve them here.

“The St Vincent Brewery Ltd remains committed to providing quality products to consumers and will continue to do so now and in the future,” London added.(JJ)