April 5, 2012
Hairoun’s ‘hold on to free groceries and phone credit’ promotion continues

March 6 marked the official launch of the newest “Under the Crown (UTC)” promotion by the St.Vincent Brewery’s flagship brand, Hairoun Beer.{{more}}

Initially scheduled to be an eight-week promotion, the ‘Hairoun Life at Ease’ gives beer drinkers the opportunity to win prizes such as groceries, phone credit and Hairoun beer. There are up to $25,000 in groceries compliments CK Greaves and $50,000 free phone credit compliments Digicel available to be won.

Persons with crowns marked “talk” are to take them to the nearest Digicel office to redeem their free credit. Similarly, persons who collected crowns marked “groceries” are requested to take them to the nearest CK Greaves and Co. Ltd supermarket to redeem free grocery vouchers. The crowns marked “beer” may be redeemed at the nearest Hairoun outlet or at the St.Vincent Brewery Ltd.

The ‘Hairoun Life at Ease’ promotion also involves two sweepstakes for the latest buzz in telecommunications. One lucky winner at the middle of the eight-week promotion and another at the end of the promotion will each win a Blackberry handset and a three-month data plan. To win a Blackberry plus free data service for three months, patrons are to collect three Hairoun beer crowns and check under the cap for the word “Blackberry”.

Persons are asked to place these crowns in an envelope with their name, address and phone number and submit them into the specially marked Hairoun boxes at retail outlets nation-wide.

Hairoun Brand Manager Lamont Medica highlighted that there are still lots of opportunities left for persons to win amazing prizes to assist in putting their ‘Life at Ease’.

“Hairoun will continue to reach out to their consumers offering extra value with every purchase of a Hairoun beer”, commented Medica.