Senior Magistrate gives former postal worker a second chance
March 23, 2012
Senior Magistrate gives former postal worker a second chance

Former Postal Corporation Cashier Ricky Wyllie was already on his way to the High Court for sentencing for theft of $31,571.01, but luckily for him, Senior Magistrate Donald Browne does not like sending young people to prison.{{more}}

Being on remand for a week, while he was awaiting sentencing, is more than likely the only jail time the Redemption Sharpes resident will see, after he was found guilty on March 6 for the theft of the Postal Corporation’s money between December 31, 2009, and October 13, 2010.

“This magistrate does not like sending young people to prison. I can’t do more than what I have done…,” Browne said last Friday, March 16, shortly after changing his mind about sending the matter to the High Court for sentencing.

On the theft charge, he was sentenced to two years in prison, but that was suspended for two years. He was also ordered to repay the money he stole within two years. Failure to do so will result in a one year custodial sentence.

In a statement Wyllie gave to the police, he said he borrowed money from his cash pan a number of times and could not remember what he spent it on.

The magistrate’s court can only impose a jail sentence of up to two years for such an offence, while the High Court has the power to sentence up to 10 years.

“You have brought this on yourself. You had the opportunity to have the situation settled in a different way, but you choose otherwise,” Browne said.

Shortly after the magistrate announced that Wyllie would be sent to the High Court for sentencing, a woman, claiming to be Wyllie’s girlfriend, shouted, “Oh my God! We have a child. How am I going to take care of my child,” the woman sobbed.

The woman was then asked to be quiet.

After hearing he was not going to prison, Wyllie immediately shook the hands of his lawyer Grant Connell and said: “Thank you!”

“What you have done is deplorable. Look at what you did to your girlfriend. Are you going to marry her?” asked the Senior Magistrate.

Wyllie replied in the affirmative.

His mother, who was also seated in the courtroom, promised to do everything within her power to make sure her son’s debt is paid.

“I have a piece of land I could sell and help him. I will make every effort to pay back the money, your worship,” the mother declared.

In addition to his sentence, Wyllie will not be allowed to leave the country without permission of the court except in the case of an emergency. (KW)