Digicel customers bowl for a Blackberry 8520
March 23, 2012
Digicel customers bowl for a Blackberry 8520

Digicel, apart from being the major sponsor of West Indies Cricket, always brings excitement to the sport, and last Tuesday, March 20, was no different.{{more}}

During the lunch break at the third One Day International (ODI) at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, five persons got the opportunity to win a Blackberry 8520.

The opportunity came as part of a promotion dubbed ‘Rep your stand’ in which persons were asked to text the word ‘STAND’ to 531-1413. Five persons were randomly chosen (one from each stand) and given the chance to win the phone by bowling at one cricket stump on the field of play.

Chosen to bowl were Annastasia Carr (Mike Findlay Pavilion), Kazroy Hackshaw (Guiness Posse Stand), Lucetta Mapp (Frankie Thomas Pavilion), Mashardo Abraham (Double Decker) and Laurine Ragguette (PH Veira Pavilion).

While no one managed to hit the stump and win the handset, all of the participants said that they were glad that they got the opportunity to be in the limelight on the field of play.

The bowling was witnessed by Digicel Cricket Ambassador and former WI Player Lance Gibbs, Marketing Manager at Digicel SVG Juno DeRoche and Marketing Executive Justin John.

DeRoche said that ‘Rep your stand’ gave fans the opportunity to be a part of the cricket experience at the picturesque Arnos Vale Playing field.