Chateaubelair woman fears for her life after brutal attack
March 23, 2012
Chateaubelair woman fears for her life after brutal attack

Diana Grant and her family say that they fear that the man who attacked her may return to do more harm.{{more}}

The 22-year-old mother of one was attacked and stabbed multiple times about her body last Sunday, March 18.

The person behind the attack is alleged to be Grant’s former boyfriend, Joel Patterson, a labourer of Layou.

The incident occurred around 10:00 p.m at her great grandmother’s home in Fitz Hughes, Chateaubelair.

According to the young woman, she was in the company of her great grandmother, younger brother and her one-year-old child with Patterson, when Patterson came by the house asking to be let in.

After the occupants refused, Grant said that the man went to the back of the house and forced his way into the house through the kitchen door.

She said that Patterson had accused her of having an affair, which she denies.

That was when she alleges that the man started stabbing her with a knife.

The couple had lived together in Layou for just over one year, Grant said, but broke up last month (February).

And according to Grant, Patterson has been accusing her of seeing someone else and had issued death threats to her ever since.

Dion Grant, the victim’s mother told SEARCHLIGHT that her daughter complained numerous times of Patterson’s behaviour.

She further explained that three weeks before the attack, Patterson threatened her daughter.

The now distraught mother, said that she wants justice for her daughter and said that she was also scared.

“I kinda scared now because where I living. I don’t know if he go do anything in the night,” Dian Grant said.

She said that while she is thankful that her daughter was not killed, she thinks of what could have been, saying that if the assailant had a gun, her daughter might have been dead.

“But God put it so that she didn’t die,” she said.

Sunday’s incident brought back memories of her 12-year-old son Kenroy Grant who drowned back in June 2008.

In a twist of fate, on that day tragic day almost four years ago , Grant said that she had gone to the Arnos Vale Playing Field to witness the One Day International between the West Indies and Australia.

So, too, she had gone to see cricket at Arnos Vale on Sunday she explained.

“When I arrived at the Arnos Vale Playing Field, I got a bad feeling. Me remember me son drown and ah get ah feeling like something going to happen,” Dion Grant told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I feel bad,” she said.

When contacted, the Chateaubelair police said that they were looking for the man but no arrests had been made.

Investigations continuing. (DD)