GPS tracking service being offered in SVG
March 16, 2012
GPS tracking service being offered in SVG

The inability to locate stolen vehicles, wayward drivers or vessels missing at sea could become a thing of the past, with the installation of a tracking device the size of a cell phone.{{more}}

So says the marketers of the ONTRAC GPS device, Majestic Sales Solutions.

Managing Director for the Majestic Sales Solution Jamal Francis, along with Operations Director Machado Williams, visited SEARCHLIGHT on Thursday, March 1, showcasing the device, which they say can ease the minds of vehicle owners, friends and relatives.

“ONTRAC provides you with a state-of-the-art tracking solution that tracks your assets, including vehicles and vessels. We have an easy to use intuitive web based interface that the customers will go on.”

“With the units, we are able to track your vehicle or vessel anywhere in

St Vincent and monitor the conditions. For example, the current speed, door opened or closed, PTO (Power Take Off) engaged or disengaged…. We are also able to interact with the vehicle, unlock doors, immobilize the vehicle, or even talk to the vehicle occupants.”

Vehicle and vessel owners can be alerted when the unit goes outside of a specified parameter, or is moved without permission.

Francis pointed out that when a unit is placed in a vehicle or vessel and activated, it will be monitored by over a dozen satellites, which monitor the location, distance and speed of the units, using the vehicle status.

He indicated that information gathered by the satellites is sent to a number of control centres around the Caribbean, and this information is made available to the owner of the unit at anytime.

“Similar to your Facebook account you log in… and you are able to see the maps from a thematic set up, or satellite imagery and other information.”

“At the end of the day or hour, you will be able to see a breakdown as to where your vehicle was, what it’s been doing…. You can even go deeper and see when the vehicle key was turned on, when the door was closed. It gives you a quick glance of what has been going on.”

The men say that they see a need for the tracking service here as in any other territory that ONTRAC is found, including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Grenada,

St Lucia and the US Virgin Islands, since it has been proven beneficial to the businesses and individuals who currently use the service.

“In terms of the corporate standpoint… it increases productivity, improves customer service, reduces labour costs and cuts fuel costs.”

“If your vehicle is stolen, you will know exactly where your vehicle is and can start the process of recovery right there.”

“For fishing boats… we could pull the latitude and longitude and the exact location of these fishing vessels or anybody that has gone into any kind of difficulty….”

The service of road side assistance is also being offered.

According to Francis, persons who have been introduced to the device have been very receptive, and the price, which he said is reasonable and affordable to anyone who is serious about protecting his or her assets.

“We are here to save companies some well needed money, as well as save owners the headache of losing their vehicles or vessels or loved ones.

Persons interested in getting a demonstration or more information on the device can contact Francis or Williams at 455-4047 or